Why an Automatic Transmission Service Is a Good Idea in Every Case


All car manufacturers want you to enjoy your new car and to drive as long as possible without any major issues. Usually, therefore, they will err on the side of caution and ask you to take your vehicle in for a service at strictly recommended intervals. However, they may also suggest that your automatic transmission is a "lifetime" component and that you do not, necessarily, need to service this part of the vehicle at all. You should take this advice with a pinch of salt, though, especially if you drive more than the average motorist. Why is this?


Certainly, an automatic transmission is a marvel of engineering and is built well to put up with the rigours of daily life. This is especially the case if your car or truck is fitted with a constantly variable transmission, which is designed to be even more rugged and put up with a variety of different driving conditions while delivering great economy.

Lubricant Lifetime

Still, the inner workings of each system will rely on proper lubrication, and there is no doubt that this fluid will degrade, slowly but surely, as time goes by. It may certainly be designed to last for years, but if you look at the small print, they may have included an asterisk next to the number of kilometres allowed. Consequently, if you drive your vehicle a lot, you may nevertheless run into problems, unless you take the appropriate action.

Service Benefits

It's a good idea in this scenario to book the vehicle in for an automatic transmission service, whether the manufacturer recommends it or not. The technician will then be able to flush out the old fluid and any imperfections, tiny flecks of metal or other debris that may have accumulated within. Following that, they will replace it with new transmission fluid that will usually be a more advanced product than the original anyway.

Budget Minded

Remember, the cost of a new automatic transmission is many times more than the cost of a simple service. Bear this in mind when you are thinking about your annual motoring budget so that you don't get caught on the hop.

Moving Forward

Talk with your local mechanic and tell them how many kilometres you have already done on your vehicle without an automatic transmission service. They will advise you of your next course of action.

To learn more about automatic transmissions, contact a mechanic in your area.


5 December 2019