Three Important Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting


If you want to repaint your car, the first thing you think about is getting rid of the old paint. The paint on your car is quite hard to remove. The best method to do so is dustless sandblasting. This is when water is mixed in with an abrasive material such as sand, glass or coal slag. This eco-friendly method blasts paint off. To do this, you need to hire a professional sandblaster. Here is why you should use a dustless sandblaster.  


Climate change is a reality in the world today. Governments are continually asking citizens to work towards using eco-friendly methods. If you are one of those people who are keen on saving the planet, then this type of paint removal is perfect for your needs. Dustless sandblasting, as the name states, does not produce any dust. Dust covers plants and inhibits photosynthesis, causes soil erosion and reduces yields by covering up seedlings. It is unhealthy for you, the worker and the people nearby. Dust is responsible for several life-threatening lung problems. Using a dustless sandblaster ensures that you and the environment stay healthy. 

Cleans the Car Surface 

The main point of sandblasting your car is to get rid of the paint and prepare it for a new coat. When using dustless blasting, you clean off both the paint and any rust that might have formed on your car. Unchecked rust will not only damage the bodywork of your vehicle but can spread to other parts. If you add a rust inhibitor, your vehicle will be ready for painting for up to three days. Rust inhibitors used in sandblasters prevent rust from developing. 


Dustless blasting uses less abrasive material. The water adds mass and energy to the abrasive material. That means you use lower amounts of abrasive material to clean the entire car. It also requires very few containment measures. You also do not need a lot of safety gear when working with this technology. It is easy to clean up because the abrasive is localized. You can even put down plastic to collect it as you do the job. Finally, it takes a short time to clean up after blasting. You can save money on abrasive as well as clean-up.  

If you are looking to paint your car, sandblasting is an excellent method to use to remove the old paint. Make use of the eco-friendly dustless technology and save both money and the planet.  


26 December 2019