Critical Issues Students Should Look for in a Heavy Vehicle Operator Class Before Enrolling

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With trucking companies looking for a new generation of truckers — considering the large age gap existing in the industry — now would be the right time to enrol in a heavy vehicle operator class. The course will equip you with the requisite skills to enter the trucking industry with confidence. However, it would help if you were careful when choosing your heavy vehicle operator class because it determines the quality of education you get. While there are obvious issues you should look for in a heavy vehicle operator class, most students-to-be ignore some critical issues. This article highlights vital aspects students should look for in a quality heavy vehicle operator class.

Industry Loaned Equipment

Driving schools are supposed to have different types of heavy vehicles for practical training. Training schools apply two primary approaches when sourcing for heavy vehicles for their lessons. First, some institutions buy and own heavy vehicles, and this is an advantage to the training school's part since they no longer have to purchase after that.

On the other hand, some training schools prefer to use industry-loaned equipment, and for good reasons. Between the two, most experts advise that students should enrol in a heavy vehicle operator class that uses rental equipment. It brings down the tuition fees for the students and also avails a pool of qualified operators to the students. Moreover, loaned heavy equipment ensures a training school has access to heavy vehicles equipped with the latest technologies. All these go a long way in ensuring students get quality heavy vehicle training.

Truckers as Guest Speakers

Training school instructors form the foundation of students' growth, and most do a pretty good job. However, it is not enough for students to learn from their instructors because they need real-life experiences, and this is where experienced truckers working in the industry come in. Equipped with all manner of real-life trucking experience, most experienced truckers help instructors shed light on industry issues. The information students get from professional heavy vehicle drivers goes a long way in assisting them to have a complete picture of the operator course. For instance, students taking heavy vehicle operator classes are instructed on the best ways to keep alert during long journeys. However, some truckers have come up with ingenious ways to stay alert that cannot be found in heavy vehicle operator manuals. You'll be surprised to learn that some truckers take their pets, such as cats, along for the journey to avoid boredom.

Physical Coordination Games

Physical coordination is significant for operators of heavy vehicles because it only takes a second for one to make a serious mistake. As such, your physical coordination must be at its best if you are going to be employed by some of the best trucking companies. Games aimed at improving physical coordination in heavy vehicle operator class are essential in furthering accuracy and reaction times. For instance, games like balloon hockey and target practice all go a long way in helping students become better heavy vehicle operators.


3 January 2020