Why should you visit an authorised dealer?

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When your vehicle fails, then the best person to fix it is the person who knows most about it. You wouldn't consider asking a washing machine engineer to fix your oven or a gardener to repair your roof just because they were the cheapest option. Instead, you would look at their expertise to see whether or not they were qualified for the task. Since expertise is always central, why is it that so many people never take their car to an authorised dealer? Visiting Bosch authorised diesel dealers or whoever the appropriate dealer is for your vehicle is the best way for you to benefit from the manufacturers' expertise.

Why choosing an authorised dealer matters

When a part of your vehicle doesn't operate as it should, then you will need to take your vehicle for repair. The best person to make that repair is someone who is intimately familiar with the design of the part and knows precisely how it was intended to operate and fit into the overall function of the vehicle. When you visit a non-authorised dealer, they may be very good at repairing cars and vans, but unless they have undergone training from the manufacturer, they won't be ideally placed to restore your vehicle to optimal condition. At best, they will be able to get your car running but it won't be perfect. An authorised dealer will know how your manufacturer intended for your vehicle to be repaired and serviced and how to do that to their specifications. Another area where choosing an authorised dealer will make a difference is the purchase of replacement parts.

The best choice of spare parts

Bosch authorised diesel dealers will have access to authentic Bosch parts just as every other manufacturer will have a ready supply of their own parts. Using authentic parts means that your repaired car will still match the manufacturers' specifications and operate exactly as the manufacturer. If the repair is completed by any other dealer, you have no way of knowing where they are obtaining their parts and whether those parts are a good fit for your vehicle. While parts from a variety of manufacturers could be made to fit your vehicle, only genuine parts from your manufacturer will fit correctly and be covered by the manufacturers' warranty.

Having the right depth of knowledge and access to the right spare parts can make an enormous difference in how well your vehicle runs. Speak to your authorised dealer today.


25 March 2020