Four Fundamental Guidelines for Using a Roof Basket Effectively

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If you are interested in improving your vehicle's load-handling capacity, you should think about acquiring a roof basket. This type of unit is economical, fast to install and easy to use. However, you should note that the utility and convenience of this structure will depend on your practices. Incorrect usage can lead to reduced capacity, compromised vehicle handling and even decreased safety. Therefore, consider these simple tips when using your roof basket.

Consider the Ratings

You should always consider the ratings indicated for the roof basket before placing loads for transportation. It is important to adhere to the maximum load capacity because exceeding will lead to the deterioration of the structure and its components. Consequently, the rack could fail. Also, you should take your vehicle's load rating into account. You must ensure that the total weight of the rack, the load, the driver, the passengers and the main cargo does not exceed the indicated limits.

Minimise the Weight

It is prudent to minimise the amount of weight placed in the roof basket where possible. This is a favourable approach when driving in off-road conditions. In general, placing a lot of loads while on rough terrain can make handling a little more difficult. Moreover, the load will create aerodynamic drag while moving at high speeds. Therefore, you should plan on placing your heavier loads in the trunk of your vehicle and the lighter ones on the rack.

Secure the Cargo

The goods in your roof basket should be adequately secured before beginning any trip. This will minimise the risk of the cargo toppling if the road conditions are not perfect or handling problems occur. Ideally, you should acquire straps designed for this purpose. Avoid general ropes because they could damage your goods. Then, balance the load as much as possible in the basket before tying down the strap. It is important to ensure stability when tying, but you must not apply too much pressure on the load.

Drive with Care

Finally, you should drive with care, especially if you are not used to handling your vehicle with extra loading accessories. Consider adjusting your speed, handling habits and stopping distances to match the changes to the automobile. You can also make regular stops to check on your load if you have concerns about the load or road. Additionally, remember to take note of places with height restrictions like tunnels or parking entrances.  

If you are uncertain about any aspect of using a roof basket, consult a supplier for guidance. 


3 August 2020