Do You Need a New Car Battery? 4 Signs of a Failing Vehicle Battery

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Your vehicle's battery is the lifeblood of the motor as it is an integral part of starting the engine and powers all electrical elements in your car. With a poorly functioning battery, your vehicle will not offer the best service, and the car might not start or do anything else. 

Therefore, it is vital to understand the common signs that your battery needs replacement. The article highlights some of these signs. 

Engine Doesn't Start

When your car's engine begins to crank when you turn the key but doesn't start, the issue might be a flat battery. Sometimes, however, the engine fails to crank at all, meaning the battery is completely dead or has extremely low power. In such cases, you will hear repeated clicking sounds instead. 

When you experience such issues, book a battery replacement appointment with your mechanic. Using temporary solutions to start your engine might lead to you ending up stuck in the middle of the road. 

Electrical Components Not Working Efficiently

Do you have trouble moving the windows up and down? Or is your radio sound lower than usual? Maybe the headlights are not as bright as before. When you start noticing continuous issues with the electrical elements, the car's battery may need replacing. 

This can be compared to when your torch starts flickering when its batteries start losing their power. Therefore, it is best to buy a new car battery to avoid a dangerous situation where your headlights go off during the night as you're driving.

Warning Lights on the Dashboard

A simple way to find out if it is time to get a new car battery is by looking at the dashboard. Most vehicles manufactured today have an accurate indicator to help drivers know of any faulty parts in their automobiles. Therefore, when you see a red light with a battery shape on your dashboard, it is a warning that you need to check the battery. 

Corrosion and Bad Smells

When your car starts producing a strong smell similar to that of rotten eggs, or when you notice corrosion near the terminals, there is a high chance that the battery is leaking. Corrosion will affect the battery's current flow and the whole motor. Though cleaning can help to get rid of the problem, it is not a permanent solution. 

The leaks from your battery could damage other parts of the engine, and they will be expensive to replace. The best solution will be to get a new car battery once you realise your current one is leaking. 

Always be on the lookout for signs of a failing battery and replace it before you face a worse problem. Get experts to help you with car battery replacement as they will get the ideal battery for your car and ensure it is installed correctly. 

If you have additional concerns, reach out to a local car service.


9 September 2020