4 Benefits Of Car Servicing

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Car servicing helps extend the longevity of the vehicle and prevent frequent breakdowns. More often than not, car owners will skip service since their cars are in perfect working condition. However, this is not advisable. The excerpt below discusses a few reasons why you should always service your car on time. 

1. Car Servicing Could Be Tied To The Vehicle Warranty

When you purchase a new car, the manufacturer provides you with a servicing logbook. The document details when you should service the vehicle, the checks you should conduct and when to replace the various parts. This maintenance protocol is mandatory if you wish to keep the warranty valid. 

2. Car Servicing Keeps Your Engine Healthy

The standard servicing comprises an oil change and a replacement of the oil and air filters. As your engine runs, the engine oil becomes oxidised, and the chemicals used to make the oil start to break down. Other reasons the oil wears out include viscosity loss, high engine temperatures, moisture and fuel contamination. Once the oil wears out, it can no longer lubricate the engine parts to prevent friction. At this stage, the engine parts will begin to corrode and chip. In the long run, the engine will start to seize, overheat and knock. 

The air filter sieves dirt in the air entering the combustion chamber. Over time, the filter becomes clogged, hence limiting the amount of air entering the combustion chamber. In this case, the engine runs rich, causing high fuel consumption, a strong petrol smell in the cabin and poor engine performance. 

3. Car Servicing Can Help Detect Chronic Issues At An Early Stage

During car servicing, your mechanic conducts a full car inspection to identify if the vehicle has any unidentified issues. It could be worn-out brake pads, a bent suspension, a clogged fuel filter or uneven wear on your tires. The mechanic will categorise these issues as urgent or trivial. These checks will help you create a maintenance protocol. For example, if your fuel pump needs to be looked at, the mechanic will tell you the mileage at which you should consider replacing the component. In such a way, you are well prepared when the vehicle needs replacement parts. 

4. Car Servicing Will Help With Preventive Maintenance 

Your mechanic will give you some preventive maintenance tips to help prevent chronic car problems during car servicing. For example, if the vehicle has low coolant levels, the mechanic could ask you to conduct daily checks to establish if you have an issue with the cooling system. Signs of underneath damage are an indication that your vehicle is too low for your terrain. In this case, the mechanic could recommend stiffer suspension or a sump guard. 

As a rule of thumb, your vehicle should be serviced by an experienced and accredited mechanic. It ensures you reap the benefits of car servicing. Contact a local car service to get help.


4 August 2021