Do You Need a New Car Battery? 4 Signs of a Failing Vehicle Battery

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Your vehicle's battery is the lifeblood of the motor as it is an integral part of starting the engine and powers all electrical elements in your car. With a poorly functioning battery, your vehicle will not offer the best service, and the car might not start or do anything else.  Therefore, it is vital to understand the common signs that your battery needs replacement. The article highlights some of these signs.

9 September 2020

Four Fundamental Guidelines for Using a Roof Basket Effectively

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If you are interested in improving your vehicle's load-handling capacity, you should think about acquiring a roof basket. This type of unit is economical, fast to install and easy to use. However, you should note that the utility and convenience of this structure will depend on your practices. Incorrect usage can lead to reduced capacity, compromised vehicle handling and even decreased safety. Therefore, consider these simple tips when using your roof basket.

3 August 2020

What You Should Know About Auto Mechanical Repairs

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It is common for your vehicle to encounter mechanical problems that need repair; all machines do. When such mechanical problems occur, you should ensure that you get quality repair services. For that to happen, you need to choose the right mechanic. Here's what you should know when choosing your auto mechanic: 1. Specialisation The mechanic you choose should specialise in vehicles of your car's make and model. This indicates that they have enough experience in troubleshooting and repairing your car effectively.

25 June 2020

What You Need To Know About Car Tinting


Tinting your vehicle can make it look attractive and also offer you privacy while on the move. Furthermore, some people tint the windows in their cars to protect themselves from the sun's rays. However, specific considerations go into tinting your vehicle windows. Here is all you need to know about car window tinting. Types of Car Window Films and Where to Place Them When reviewing your window tint options, it is crucial to understand the different kinds of window films in the market.

8 May 2020

Why should you visit an authorised dealer?

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When your vehicle fails, then the best person to fix it is the person who knows most about it. You wouldn't consider asking a washing machine engineer to fix your oven or a gardener to repair your roof just because they were the cheapest option. Instead, you would look at their expertise to see whether or not they were qualified for the task. Since expertise is always central, why is it that so many people never take their car to an authorised dealer?

25 March 2020

Why Regular Camber Angle Checks Are So Crucial

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Most fleet owners or managers know only too well how costly a set of tyres can be for the average truck. These tyres can represent a significant line item on the annual maintenance budget and, consequently, they will want to do as much as possible to keep those costs in check. In this case, they should pay more attention to the axle and wheel alignment and should get them checked periodically, not just when they fit new covers.

10 January 2020

Critical Issues Students Should Look for in a Heavy Vehicle Operator Class Before Enrolling

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With trucking companies looking for a new generation of truckers — considering the large age gap existing in the industry — now would be the right time to enrol in a heavy vehicle operator class. The course will equip you with the requisite skills to enter the trucking industry with confidence. However, it would help if you were careful when choosing your heavy vehicle operator class because it determines the quality of education you get.

3 January 2020

How to Tell If Your Fuel Injectors Need Some TLC


For an internal combustion engine to work perfectly, it must receive a very precise amount of fuel that must be mixed with the correct volume of air and ignited at the right moment. Many different components combine to make this happen, and one of the most important is the fuel injector. Generally speaking, fuel injectors are reliable, and their performance is managed by various sensors, but they will degrade over the normal course of things and will eventually need to be replaced.

27 December 2019

All You Need to Know About Timing Belts

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The timing belt is a critical component of your vehicle's timing system. It controls the movement of the valves and pistons during ignition. In the extract below, you will learn more about the timing belt and why it is a critical component of your car.  Work of the Timing Belt Four-stroke engines have four engine cycles. During the intake cycle, the intake valve opens, and the piston moves down, creating a vacuum and allowing air and fuel inside the combustion chamber.

27 December 2019

Three Important Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting


If you want to repaint your car, the first thing you think about is getting rid of the old paint. The paint on your car is quite hard to remove. The best method to do so is dustless sandblasting. This is when water is mixed in with an abrasive material such as sand, glass or coal slag. This eco-friendly method blasts paint off. To do this, you need to hire a professional sandblaster.

26 December 2019